The Restaurant and Bar of the Intersur Recoleta Hotel has been specially designed to enjoy meetings as unique moments in the exclusive Recoleta neighbourhood.

All events have a special distinction: a reservation for an Afternoon Tea at the Recoleto Bar, with european delicatessen and in the evening a dinner reservation at Marcelo Restaurant, where you will taste the exquisite Italian cuisine.

Marcelo´s Restaurant offers Italian cuisine and a true invitation to pleasure. Both for guests and people in general, this is a magnificent place that allows the opportnity to enjoy true Italian cooking, and taste delicious wines or a variety of drinks.

The restaurant is exquisitely furnished in wood providing an ideal place for a business lunch, dinner or an intimate rendez-vous.

Guests and public in general are welcomed to enjoy a variety of drinks and taste delicious wines along with an exceptional meal.

The specially chosen photographs by the artist Michael Liechtenstein decorate the room.

The spacious and generous room, decorated in a combination of style and function, allows us to cater for different groups and situations.

The garden oriented hall offers a magnificent view through its large windows.

To make a reservation, please contact us at 5533-4050 or at

The bar is an inviting and comfortable sunlit space with elegant glass domes where guests can enjoy a delicious international cuisine. We offer a daily buffet breakfast with specially baked products.

At noon, we serve lunch and snacks, and in the afternoon people can enjoy our traditional Tea Service where the pastry and the delicatessen stand out. (The Tea Service can also be had in the Reading Area and Hotel’s Lounge.)

Lunch and snacks are served at noon and a Traditional Tea Service can be served as well in our cozy atmosphere of the Reading Area or in the Lounge.

To make a reservation, please contact us at 5533-4052 or at