The hotel’s bar is a unique space where sunlight dominates, framed by its elegant glasses domes, having a varied menu with international dishes to choose from.

In this area, the hotel offers its daily buffet breakfast, where you can see elaborate products paying homage to the cosmopolitan influence in the district.

At noon, we serve lunch and snacks, and in the evening people can enjoy our traditional Tea Service where the pastry and the delicatessen stand out.

The Tea Service can also be had in the Reading Area and Hotel’s Lounge.

These last two places are located in the lobby of the hotel. An elegant space designed to enjoy a delicious coffee or a drink on its cozy couches, from where you have a partial view of the lobby and Callao Avenue.

Its décor and comfort make out a splendid area to frolic any time of day.


Offer from 7 – 11 am